KDHE is working on a system which will change the way surveys are completed and hopefully help the health departments catch up if they're behind on surveys. This has not been implemented yet, but I was told that it is coming down the pike.  I've included a basic overview of how I understand how the new system should work:

What KDHE will do is look at a certain number of areas on the previous surveys (say 6 items or so) and come up with a mathematical equation on whether or not a provider should get an abbreviated survey or a full survey. For example, if you don't have paperwork issues, supposedly it would show you are a detail-oriented person. Thus, you would likely get the abbreviated survey. 

The supervisor from my health department said those with open complaints at the time of a survey would likely get the full survey. She also mentioned that KDHE will decide--not those at the health department. The local health department can't change it if KDHE decides you get the full survey and the daycare across the street gets an abbreviated. 

If a provider has an abbreviated survey for 2 years, she/he would have a full survey on the 3rd year. 


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