I just came across this article for those of us who were unable to attend the May 17th hearing on the proposed regulations. I liked it because the article states some of the concerns that providers had about the proposed regulations. You can also download and listen to the hearing.

Some highlights I found from the live tweets were:

1:48 PM @KansasWatchdog: Insurance counselor at KDHE hearing says proposed regulations have good intentions but overly burden child care providers

2:22 PM @KansasWatchdog: Provider says touching a child every 15 minutes when napping is not common sense.

2:34 PM @KansasWatchdog: Child care provider at KDHE hearing concerned that new regulations will result in less diversity in services; wonders about KDHE’s purpose.

2:54 PM @KansasWatchdog: Child care provider says new touching regulation while sleeping would provide false sense of security to parents about SIDS issue.

Find the article here.

Source: Earl F Glynn. Concerns about new child care regulations at KDHE hearing. http://kansas.watchdog.org/6857/concerns-about-new-child-care-regulations-at-kdhe-hearing/


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According to KDHE's website, some of the forms were updated as of 8/2011. I get my renewal packet in the mail in July, so the new form was a surprise to me. I figured that some of you might not be aware of the change either. The only difference I could find was with the health assessment form that the doctor/nurse fills out. It has changed a lot. Find the new form here.

What this means for providers:

According to my local office, this new form is to be used for all new children in care. However, it was suggested that the new form be sent with parents if they are taking their child/children to the doctor. Also, if you do a yearly update of records to make sure that all contact information/shot records, etc. are correct, then you should update to the new health assessment form.

As far as I am aware, the KDHE surveyors will not require current children to have the updated health assessment. If you have questions on this, please let me know.

Also, as it is almost January, the new regulations are supposed to be start being enacted at the beginning of 2012. See my post about that here.


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