Article: May 17th Hearing Feedback

Friday, December 16, 2011

I just came across this article for those of us who were unable to attend the May 17th hearing on the proposed regulations. I liked it because the article states some of the concerns that providers had about the proposed regulations. You can also download and listen to the hearing.

Some highlights I found from the live tweets were:

1:48 PM @KansasWatchdog: Insurance counselor at KDHE hearing says proposed regulations have good intentions but overly burden child care providers

2:22 PM @KansasWatchdog: Provider says touching a child every 15 minutes when napping is not common sense.

2:34 PM @KansasWatchdog: Child care provider at KDHE hearing concerned that new regulations will result in less diversity in services; wonders about KDHE’s purpose.

2:54 PM @KansasWatchdog: Child care provider says new touching regulation while sleeping would provide false sense of security to parents about SIDS issue.

Find the article here.

Source: Earl F Glynn. Concerns about new child care regulations at KDHE hearing.

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