Update: Proposed Regulations

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Update: Find an article that details parts of the hearing if you are interested. 

I attended a meeting for home daycare providers a couple weeks ago at my local health department. I went to get information about the proposed regulations. So, this is what I was told:

KDHE is pushing the regulations back to the beginning of the year. It will likely be January 2012 (hopefully not later) before we know exactly what the new regulations will be. 

Other news:
The SG County surveyors were all supposed to be issued tablets, printers, and cameras at the end of Sept. The survey findings will be sent electronically to KDHE right away. With these tablets, some surveys are taking around 3 hours because the tablets keep having issues. Hopefully, the bugs will get worked out of this new system. Update: My surveyor said that they should be using the new tablets starting in January.

For a refresher on the proposed regulations, click here and look for the summary. They've taken down the information from KDHE's website about the actual wording of the regulations.



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