Ways to Earn a Little Extra Cash

Thursday, August 26, 2010

When times have been slow with the daycare, I've tried to find alternate ways to earn a little extra cash for things like vacations/fun activities. These are some things that I've found to make a little extra.*

This is a search and win site. I didn't join until February, but I'm up to 5200 swagbucks. I could cash out for $5 via Paypal for 700 swagbucks (5200 would mean $35). The best option for Swagbucks that I've found though is Amazon gift certificates. They cash out for $5 per 450 swagbucks. (I have enough swagbucks for $55 worth of Amazon gift certificates. I'm saving these for Christmas time.) Sign up here.

This is one that is not for everyone. Some surveys take a long time and pay little. It also usually takes a large amount before you can cash out with these sites. These are the best sites I've found. I've also listed good benefits from taking surveys.

InboxDollars--This company only pays .50 per survey usually. You also have to earn $40 the first time you want to cash out. It takes a long time, but it's the first site I used. The only part I use with Inbox Dollars are their paid emails. I earn .02 per paid email. Sign up here. (I've earned $40 and cashed out once with this company.)

Surveyhead--These surveys pay anywhere from .50-$5. You do have to earn $25 before you can cash out. It also takes weeks (sometimes months) to get credit. It also takes weeks to get your money once you finally cash out. Sign up here. (I've earned $156 with this company.)

SurveySpot--This company offers surveys that don't pay. I only do the ones that do pay; I find these in my email. Cashing out with this company only requires $10. It's an automatic transfer to your Paypal account. Sign up here. (I've earned $69.50 with this company.)

Toluna--This company offers surveys as well, but I use it for the polls. They have polls that take only a few seconds to answer. I earn usually about 15-75 points per poll. It adds up slowly because 60,000 points equals out to $20. To cash out, you have to earn 60,000 points first. Sign up here. (I've earned $20 with this company.)

Opinion Outpost--This is my favorite company. They are usually correct on the estimated times that the surveys will take to complete. Cashing out is only $5, and checks usually arrive in a week. Sign up here. (I've earned $138 with this company.)

Benefits of Suveys:

Product Samples--I've taken surveys and been sent full-size product samples of food and beauty items. This is a nice perk.

Easy surveys worth $$$--I took one survey in which I just had to call a customer service number and ask about my phone. I earned $15 for this.

Focus Groups--One focus group was an hour-long discussion online; it paid $15. Another focus group was an hour-long phone discussion; it paid $25.

Online Communities--I'm a part of a few online communities. I took a survey and qualified for these communities. One of my communities pays me with Amazon credit. Another rewards me with free beauty items.

I just started mystery shopping in June. These require writing samples and lots of time. Most shops require digital cameras, scanners, and watches with a second hand. Volition has a job board with mystery shop opportunities.

*This is not for everyone. These activities sometimes take a lot of time for very little money. However, I've earned a decent amount since January. You always need to include any extra income in your taxes.



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