Lexie's Law: Repealed?!?!

Monday, January 31, 2011

 First of all, this is just a bill. It may or may not be passed, so please do not PANIC. I would just like everyone to be aware of what is happening in KS in regards to child care.

I received an email today from my county office about two new bills that have been introduced into the House. This is the exact wording in the email I received:

HB 2111 was introduced Thursday and has been assigned to Health and Human Services. The bill proposes to reinstate registered family day care homes and repeal the other provisions of Lexie’s Law.  

Find the bill information here.

HB 2094 was introduced Wednesday and referred to Health and Human Services. The bill proposes an additional exemption to the requirement that children in child care facilities and schools have current immunizations. A parent or guardian would be permitted to decline immunizations for reasons o conscience or personal beliefs. Currently, a child may be exempted from immunizations based on a physicians statement concerning the health of the child or based on the religious beliefs of the parent/guardian. 

You can go here and find the bill.

Again, these are bills that have just been introduced.

I found an article on the repeal of Lexie's Law:


Let me know in the comments what you think about these 2 proposed bills.

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  1. I have my daughter current on her vaccinations, and I always will. However, I understand this vaccination proposal. My surveyor has told me that people call and complain about vaccinations a lot. I also understand if some parents don't want their children to have certain vaccinations, such as the chicken pox one.

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