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Friday, September 26, 2014

         I've been a licensed provider for 5 years now, but I never posted any of the stack of exceptions I had heard about because none of the exceptions applied to me at the time. I just had my survey this week, and I found out about the one exception that was not written into the Lexie's Law changes in 2012 and about a newer exception form that some might not know about since it's so new.

       1.  The one exception that didn't get into Lexie's Law states that providers are allowed to use any child health assessment form instead of only being able to use the KDHE form. I know over the years I've witnessed providers ask other providers if a form from a foster care system or something else was ok instead of making everyone get the KDHE form. If you have this exception posted, you can take forms other than KDHE. If you need to print out this form, you can find it here.

       2. The new exception that might need posted in your daycare became effective March 10, 2014. Before this date, the KDHE health assessment only allowed a doctor or nurse to sign it and not a PA. This new exception form allows a PA to sign the form, which is good because so many doctor's offices have PAs now. If you need to print out this form, you can find it here.

If these don't effect your daycare, you of course don't need them. But, I thought I'd put the information out there because I wasn't aware of these 2 exceptions until my recent survey.



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