Lexie's Law: Start Organizing

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Since we're all at a standstill until the bill is officially signed into effect, I figured that I could at least post something while we're waiting for further information. Due to this bill making every home daycare be inspected, I wanted to give you some organizational hints to make the inspections go faster and smoother for you as a provider and for the inspectors.

The picture above (left) is of what I use to organize my paperwork for inspections, and the picture (right) is what the final product looks like. I use tab dividers, sheet protectors, and notebooks. I find this system really helpful for me because I can find what I need easily. Also, my inspector liked my system. She could flip through the notebooks to find everything she needed without having to dig around. The plus to using sheet protectors is that they are clear, so the inspector can see through them. Also, I don't have to worry about papers being crumpled or tearing. My system is easy as well for when we take fieldtrips because I just pack the notebooks to take with us.

I use this for my personal paperwork too. I have a large notebook full of copies of my application, class certificates, personal copies, pet vaccinations, and other information. This is just the way that I organize my paperwork to make my inspections smoother and faster. If you have a great way of organizing, please let us know about it.

Another way to organize could be with a file box like the one my food program gave me. I organized my paperwork today because I was told that a state auditor was coming around to homes. Even though I'm a former teacher, I was extremely disorganized with my food program paperwork.


I got out my former teaching supplies and got to work. I used manila folders for each month, and hanging file folders for the years. (We have to keep the last 3 years worth of paperwork for the auditors.) My paperwork was a mess as you can see, so I was glad for the push that made me organize.


These are my ways of organizing, but I'm open to suggestions on better/more efficient ways. In fact, here is my next task: Receipts!

Again, please share with everyone how you organize for inspections. I am no expert, but I wanted to try to provide some information to help you as you get ready for inspections.



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